Tim Bickerstaff says Ignite has changed his life for the better.
“I was one of 300,000 NZ men over the age of 40 who suffered erectile disfunction. I thought I had hit the ‘used-by’ date. Then I decided to take Ignite and because of my weight I took 6 capsules a day. After six months I wasn’t getting any results. Then suddenly it kicked in and I was back to normal. It certainly works.”
“I talk to men every day who can’t believe how much better they feel – and how much better they can perform – when they’re using Ignite.”
Tim Bickerstaff
Ignite – one of a range of natural health products from Happy Families
Ignite Herbal Sex Tonic is part of the Happy Families range of natural remedies. Other products in the Happy families range include; Honeybalm and BV Relief for relief of arthritis symptoms.
The Happy Families Story:
Happy Families was launched in September 1997 by Tim Bickerstaff and Jenny Wheeler, two Auckland baby boomers who had both enjoyed top careers in broadcasting and journalism before they started their health business – catering – as they say – for baby boomers like themselves.
Tim Bickerstaff pioneered talkback radio in New Zealand and worked in radio and TV in Australia and New Zealand as a sports broadcaster. During his time as a top-rating Radio Pacific host he interviewed 2000 of the country’s most distinguished politicians, sportspeople and businessmen and women.
Jenny Wheeler, Tim’s business partner, spent a decade editing some of New Zealand’s top newspapers and magazines. For six and a half years she was the first and longest-serving editor of the national Sunday Star newspaper.
From there she launched the highly successful New Zealand House & Garden magazine, and then became editor the current affairs magazine the New Zealand Listener. She is the author of Successful Women, a book on women in management, and in 1998 with Tim Bickerstaff published Heroes and Villains, a top-selling sports book.